a tokyo based manicurist, hatsuki furutani's salon works from a.m.s. ebisu place in shibuya


about hatsuki furutani


1982 Born in Gifu, Japan
2004 BFA (Oil Painting)
Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design
2005-2010 Worked for Nadine Nails Co., Ltd.
2010 Established a.m.s. ebisu place in Shibuya, Tokyo

Currently lives and works in Tokyo


ads : Panasonic cell phone “Docomo STYLE Series P-06B” : PR poster, Panasonic “Beauty” : PR poster, Shibuya 109 PR campaign
magazine : Frequent featuring on Japanese major fashion magazines


Living things, dead things, objects, phenomena, men’s mind, soul and imagination… Inorganic and organic matters, works of art… Everything in the universe has a dark side where shadows are not cast by light. Men fear shadows and darkness, but at the same time, are attracted by its inevitable mysterious and seductive charm. We human beings are always staring, engaging and loving what is shrouded in shadows and darkness and not its opposite, the bright side of things shining in the sun light. Shadows and darkness, the rippling waves of grotesque creature’s souls, the folds of the heart…This is what I want to represent through my creations.